Door Miser Anti-Sweat Control System is the most efficient anti-sweat controller on the market today! Door Miser is the best solution to the #1 energy waste management problem for grocery stores: anti-sweat heaters!

  • SAVE MONEY: Typically 60-90% of your anti-sweat heating costs.
  • SAVE ENERGY: Refrigerated glass display doors operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption.
  • GET EXCELLENT PAYBACK: Return on investment in as little as seven months.
  • GREAT SERVICE: Two Year Warranty. Restrictions apply.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No additional wiring.

Door Miser can save you $201.25 in annual energy costs PER freezer glass display door. (Calculation based on energy cost of 8 kWh).


The Door Miser Advantage:

Uncontrolled, anti-sweat heaters found in glass display doors and refrigerated cases run 24 hours, 7 days a week to prevent condensation on the glass and frames, allowing a clear view of the displayed products.

The Door Miser significantly reduces the runtime of the anti-sweat heaters, SAVING the retailer money!

Door Miser Technology Door Miser uses a patented digital moisture sensor technology that detects moisture at the microscopic level, and then sends a signal to its controller that activates the anti-sweat heaters. Once the threat of condensation is eliminated, Door Miser automatically shuts off the anti-sweat heaters.
Patented sensor technology that always identifies the proper time for the anti-sweat heater control unit to operate.


The Most Efficient Controllers on the Market Today!!

The Door Miser Anti-Sweat Control System is an independent case controller that uses the entire equation of moisture to more accurately predict condensation, thus capturing all potential energy savings while maintaining sweat-free glass display doors and case frames. Door Miser offers the best payback and most savings in the industry today!! We'll prove it!!

How does Door Miser stack up to other controllers?

Dew Point Controllers:

This technology controls anti-sweat by shutting off heaters when the dew point falls below a predetermined dew point level. May or may not control more than one case. Does not detect condensation, but rather the dew point sensor "guesses" when cases or doors will sweat thus the anti-sweat heaters are allowed to run much more than is necessary.

Pulsing System with Humidity Override:

Pulsing systems utilize a dew point sensor to monitor the store's dew point and commands a panel to pulse the anti-sweat heaters. May or may not control door heaters and frames heaters. Substantial additional wiring is required. Depending on control set points, this technology may cycle the heaters on and off several million times a year.

Variable Load Controllers:

These products adjust the amount of amperage from full on to a fraction of the full load of the anti-sweat heaters. Similar to a pulsing system but adjust amperage levels instead of cycling heaters on and off. Substantial additional wiring is required.

Start Saving Now! Stop sending profits to the utility companies!!

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