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We are proud to be a US Department of Energy Partner!  

Join the Save Energy Now Initiative and partner with us to conserve US energy resources.

Managing energy and energy conservation also makes common sense and is now being given high priority within mainstream management. Indeed the US energy efficiency office recently stated that “a sound policy of energy conservation can have the same effect on bottom line profits as would otherwise take a 20% increase in turnover to achieve”.

Electric motors are utilized in the production of almost every product we purchase and yet international research bodies calculate that “over 50% of drive-power energy could be saved if motors and drive systems became more efficient”.

It is clear; if you could reduce the amount of electricity drawn by a motor but still ensure that motor torque is available, as required for variable loads, you would see a dramatic increase in energy saving and more profit on your bottom line. Powerboss can do that for you!

Lighting is the other largest opportunity for energy management and energy conservation.  Our lighting solutions feature T8 and T5 conversion kits that allow retrofit of discontinued T12 fixtures to the more efficient and more productive T8 and T5 lamps without the need for an electrician! Optional modular add-ons include ambient light sensors and motion sensors.

Refrigeration solutions include our Power Miser product, which can help with energy management and energy conservation by shutting down door de-foggers until needed as indicated by the moisture on the door.  Easily installed and invisible to the consumer, Door Miser is perfect for energy saving for glass display doors in supermarkets and delicatessens.  Coming soon: wireless sensors with remote access! 

 T5 Lighting
Powerboss Motor Controllers 

        energy saving

Intelligent Motor Controller saves up to 50% on fixed speed  motors. 


 Pull down or automated deployment covers     for refrigerated cases save up to 33% when in use.   Custom sizes available!


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 Reduce energy used by refrigerator defoggers by up to 90%

Remis Glass Doors
Remis Retrofit Glass Doors-the only retrofit doors available!

Frigitek Fan Controller

Frigitek walk-in fan controller optimizes by reducing fan speed to a minimum when the compressor is not producing cold air. 

 ECM Motors

GE ECM Motors replace energy hog motors that also produce heat.  One clean, compact unit can save up to 70% of the electricity produced by ordinary A/C motors.
Predictive Maintenance
New Cutting Edge Technology!
 Early Warning

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energy saving, energy conservation

energy saving, energy management

energy saving, energy conservation

energy saving, energy management

energy saving, energy management

energy saving, energy conservation


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